Saturday, December 6, 2014


Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Allah for giving us chance to come to Him for prostration and ask forgiveness and be kind to mankind and creature to scramble the promised  (Heaven). Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar..

Today I want to share about 'give' (rezeki). All about 'give' are in Allah's plan. Who are we, where are we, what kind of us and how we strive for life all in Allah's plan. We should not worry about future when we are striving now. What we need to worry is what we are now. How we are striving. And which path we choose.

Al-Fatihah:6. When we perform solat, we prayed to Allah to show us the right path. Are we just pray but we choose other path? Ask your heart.

There are many things happened are not in our conscious. There are always unpredictable. Such as, we planned to a teacher after 4 years we are studying education. However, we are the one that Allah choose to be other than teacher. Then we need to strive to be other than teacher.

Allah planned the best for us. If we are failed now, it does not mean we will fail forever. We need to wake up and keep trying. Keep, keep, and keep trying! and do not forget Doa! Allah like and love the one who always Doa.

This entry just to relaxed my mind and recover my spirit that almost lost. The language I used just for my improvement. I have no task for improve this language, so, I will practice writing with this. If there are mistake, please lat me know so that I can be improved.

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