Thursday, October 30, 2014


Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Allah for giving me chance to awake from "jahiliyah"..  Thanks a lot to "Al-Wadud", The Loving for giving me all this specialties.

Alhamdulillah... Allah give me chance to write and share, "story mory" here. I will come to my lovely hobby, that is writing after I have been busy with study, family and daily program before this. I hope this will be my share for here after.

Today, I want to share about happy..

What is happy? Of course we know that happy is being excited with what we are doing. Yes!! It is schema in dictionary. What is happy actually means? Are you happy now?

Ask yourself what make you happy...and do the things.. Are happy with that??

For me, I am happy when I can overcome the all the sadness and become happiness. How I done like that? I will think what have happened were In Allah's plan. When I disappointed with something, yes!! I will cry. But after I cried, I would think it was just a learning in life and there were something that Allah want me to accept. If, I think like that, then I would happy. If not, I will disappointed with mine.. 

Imam Al-Ghazali divided happiness into two aspect. Positive happiness and negative happiness. Negative happiness is about "dunia".  It's all about  being satisfied will dunia.  The happiness is temporary. All about akhirah is positive happiness and it is forever happiness.

We should apply positive happiness is being kind to Allah and mankind just for "mardhotillah". Study coz of Allah, smile coz of Allah and what ever we do, diappointed can also coz of Allah. For example, we are disappointed with a friend that did'nt perform solat. It is a one of disappointed because of Allah. What we need to do to overcome the feeling?? Advise! Give advise, never tired give advise, be good and show best altitude. The last, doa to Allah to get him/her to follow the Allah's way. All of this need the intention because of Allah. InsyaAllah we will get happiness forever. 

For conclusion, happiness is about the way we find it. We should find our positive happiness. Be kind, get kindness and happy!! 

Lastly, say ALHAMDULILLAH...

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